I have included a few photo of my process while working on the lotus dancers paintings.

I started with the background and then added the dancers. I was focused on aligning the ‘ohm’ symbol in the lotus flowers and the centers of the dancers.

I then added the transitions or connection between the dancers and the lotus flowers.

I enjoyed how the wind between the petals and the veil on the figure turned out on this panel.

This was the old set of 3 I did in 2009.

Here is a comparison of the dancers with the skirts. I wanted the new set of paintings to focus on the dancers so I enlarged them by a few inches and moved up the lotus flower.

When I painted the first set I painted them from top down. As you may have noticed as a result the dancers feet are at the absolute bottom of the canvases. I was still generating and playing with the imagery and repainted over them a few times to get to where I wanted them. Using oils helped this process since the paint dries very slowly and blends very well.

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