Non-photgraphic portraits are more uncommon today since it is so much more accessible to take a photo. We upload so many images of ourselves to facebook with our phones.  There are ‘make me a cartoon’ apps and programs where any photo can be submitted and the filter makes the image greyscale, heightens the contrast making the mid tones and highlights white and all shadows black. Leaving clean black lines that could make a nice characterture of you depending on the lighting and composition of the photo. It doesn’t check to make sure the shadows are in the important areas showing your eyes and hair or nose and mouth accurately. It was always more work to do a portrait in photoshop then to do it by hand.

audrey hepurn print

It was great to be approached by Seema to do a painting of her inspired by an Audrey Hepburn portrait she saw. Black and white with subtle  details for the face, hair and accessories. The peering over the shoulder pose was alluring but getting the right facial expression for a portrait would make the painting work.

Seema had a great photo with the sweetest smile that I worked from. I did a mock up before painting and they are side by side here.

photo to drawing comparison

final painted canvas

This is the final painting and it was done in Acrylic on canvas. Seema and I were both happy on how it turned out. Seema Manhas has great style and sells jewelry at

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