It was an art happening that took place at 7:30pm on October 13 2012, at Sanford Hall at Kwomais Park in White Rock. It had performances, dancers, visual artists, musicians, poets and actors. It was an amazing night that ended with an outdoor fire dance in the rain.

The performers included dancers from Dikordanse, Corbin Keep (the Wild Cellist), Rhythm Wellness percussionists Billy Knutson and Jane Baker, visual artists Elizabeth Carefoot and Claire Moore, actor/playwrights Rosie Miller and Harvey Ostroff, and wordsmiths Heidi Greco and Virginia Gillespie.
In total, there were 10 performers, 2 musicians, 2 organizers, 2 designers, 9 hospitality volunteers, 120 audience members, 4 fire dancers, 2 photographers and 4 parks employees who together generously offered over 1000 hours towards this.
This event happened on October 13 but the planning and organizing of the event started in the summer of 2012. There were months of creative input gathered from brainstorming at the ‘playroom’. A room rented every Wednesday over two months where artists in the community were invited to develop the activities for the event.
The event was a fundraiser towards the building of the ‘Eagles Nest labyrinth’ at Kwomais Park. It is called ‘Eagles Nest labyrinth’ because eagles nest in the tree tops right above and around the park. The building of the labyrinth was delayed due to not disturbing the nesting period. The labyrinth is a circular path, which involves a set of seven rings made of stone and granite and is wheel chair accessible. The same day as the event, volunteers planted native plantings in and around the labyrinth and walkways at Kwomais Park.
So October 13th 2012 was buzzing with activity throughout the day and into the evening with sunny breaks and showers.
My involvement consisted of attending the playroom sessions where I offered thoughts and feedback. I also was one of the designers (I designed the program for the event) and was responsible for the food and drink on the day of the event. It was a great opportunity to work with and see the Director of the event, Virginia Gillespie, plan, organize and direct the acts. She allowed creative people to be themselves and trusted the outcome to be spectacular.
I came into this project with no knowledge of the symbolism, history, use and importance of Labyrinths. The City of Surrey in partnership with the Labyrinths of Hope Society and the White Rock South Surrey Hospice Society built the Eagles Nest Labyrinth. Additional support was provided from the South Surrey artists from the INvision event.
The City’s official opening of the labyrinth happened on May 4th (World Labyrinth Day). At this time a large stone was placed just in front of the labyrinth with an inscription of names of those who supported the labyrinth. At 1pm a number of people walked the labyrinth led by Virginia Gillespie with words, a drum beat and a dancer. There were also eagles souring above while we walked.
I feel that the Eagles Nest Labyrinth is a treasure and was so happy to be apart of supporting and celebrating it.

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