Tarannum Thind, an entertainment reporter, contacted me to do a 3-4 minute feature on my artwork. I was thrilled and couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know how to make it happen as I do not have a public studio.  Surrey Art Gallery came to my rescue. I was able to show my work at the Surrey Art Gallery for the interview. I converted one of their classroom studio spaces to showcase my drawings and paintings. Not only did they provide a space they helped in the setup and strike down. My best friend Margaret came out to help me setup too. There are great people at the Surrey Art Gallery. Thank you Alison and Jordan!

I really appreciate being presented to the South Asian community.  Tarannum is very nice and I’m so happy she approached me at the Diwali festival. I’m grateful for the experience and exposure. I’m still starting out and finding my way to the art community in the lower mainland.  There are so many artists here making a living and I learning about their choices.

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