39 Artist Studios and Galleries in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are part of an Art Tour!

It is happening on
Saturday 13th and Sunday May 14th, 2017



I will be painting and showcasing a number of my paintings at Geek Crossing Studio #7 on the tour.

I have been playing a new game called Magic the Gathering and the painting I am doing at Geek Crossing during this tour is inspired by this game. The planewalkers in the game are quite powerful and have followings kind of like prophets. Artistically prophets have been immortalized in stained glass in churches. I am painting  5 red planeswalkers on one canvas in the style of stained glass religious figures. A few other artists have thought of thes and have created very nice pieces. The Red aligned planeswalkers I am painting are Chandra, Saheeli, Daretti, Nahiri, and Arlinn.
Start to finish photos of the painting, coming soon!

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