Uma Portrait-photo taken by Sayde BurgersI feel compelled to express my creativity. Drawing, painting and photography have been the mediums I keep using but any material or mark making tool will do.  I am uncertain of the end result, nevertheless I take pleasure in the process. It is this discovery of the endless possibilities that I cannot live without. Whether it is maintaining my curiosity or to endeavour to draw as often as I write or speak, I enjoy my life through art.

Being artistic is in every person’s capacity. Unfortunately somewhere between childhood to adulthood most people become discouraged and stop creating.  I wish more people embraced communicating through the unpredictable  drawn line and painted brush stroke. Somehow we understand words even if they are simple, misspelt or written with poor grammar and understand speech when english is broken or supplemented with body language. Why do we judge ourselves so harshly when we use artistic expression whether it is visual, dance or music?

Perhaps I’m a typical creative. I’m open minded, opinionated, rash and passionate. I think those that embrace their creativity enhance all aspects of themselves. I delve into my insecurities and am enthusiastic about my interests. I chase down ideas, going where ever they take me without judging, at first, then I step back and review the journey, see patterns and find meaning(s). I’ve always loved libraries and am greedy for knowledge.

I studied art history, search out artists both locally and internationally to hang with, talk to and just be inspired from.  Some of these artists are highly conceptual while others have mastered a medium. I appreciate technical achievement such as applying the right amount of pressure on the pencil, mixing the perfect colour on the palette or setting up a great composition. The craft brings as much fulfillment as the meaning behind it. When both are at the same level, a remarkable work of art evolves.

Uma Self Portrait Grade 5

I started drawing for fun (where as before it was always a class assignment) in grade 5 when I was ten. This was my self portrait.

From then I became obsessed with comic books, spiderman mostly. I learned how to cartoon and draw expressions. Was so intrigued by how to draw realistic faces when everyone’s was so unique. How does one start? where do the shadows go and how do you draw the texture of skin? I don’t recall looking at a photo when I drew this. However, I know I did look at a photo when I did my self portraits in grade 9 (current photo at the time) and grade 12 (a photo of when I was 11).

Uma Self Portrait Grade 9Uma Self Portrait grade 12

Uma Self Portrait Grade 11In the summer of ’97 I did my portrait wearing my glasses by looking at the mirror and staring back down at my paper drawing a few lines and looking back up to the mirror. I found it more challenging but I liked the result.

After high school, I trained at Emily Carr to become a graphic designer. I don’t forget why I keenly observed line, shape and form and how much I love drawing. I do enjoy marketing, social media and design.

Interested in knowing more or wanna talk. I love to chat. Drop me a line or text to 778-893-6144 or email me at

ps. The photo of me was taken from a talented photographer, Sayde Burgers, and you can check out her company,


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